Here’s Why We Have The Best Pizza Restaurant in Burlington

If you are looking for the best pizza restaurant in Burlington, choose Mamma’s. We have a variety of different specialty pizzas that are delicious. They come in a number of different sizes that are very popular. Why not take a few minutes to check out the new items on our menu?

Mamma’s BBQ Chicken & Bacon Cheddar Melt

This is quickly becoming a real favourite with our Burlington clientele. There is a seasoned barbecue chicken breast included with our special barbecue sauce. To top it all off, we have added bacon and cheddar cheese.

Mamma’s Aloha Pizza

As we approach the winter months, you might want something that reminds you of a sunny warm place. This pizza has pineapple and ham as well as our freshly made tomato sauce. Choose the size that you want. The 18 inch family size has 12 slices. We also sell quite a few of the 12 inch medium pizzas. Our clients find that eight slices are just enough.

Butter Chicken Pizza

We couldn’t call ourselves the best pizza restaurant in Burlington without having a variety of specialty pizzas. This is another new addition to our menu that comes with butter chicken sauce, roasted red peppers, red onions and green peppers. It’s another tasty treat that comes in a variety of different sizes.

Variety is the spice of life. That’s why we also have a number of vegan pizzas that can be delivered or picked up. Of course you can come into our Burlington restaurant and eat any of these in-house too.

Vegan Sausage Classic

If you are looking for something vegetarian and traditionally Italian at the same time, this is the pizza for you. Check out the list of ingredients and you’ll see what we mean. The slow roasted tomatoes and white onions on the top of this meal are fresh.

Finally, we couldn’t call ourselves the best pizza restaurant in Burlington without some fabulous side dishes. Garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese are two traditional favorites that are made fresh daily.

Potato wedges and garlic Parmesan sticks are just two of the other delicious items included in our side dish menu. Remember there is a nutritional information table on our website that you can reference. It’s the best way to see the amount of sodium and calories in each and every menu item.