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Hot Trays for The Beaches

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Drop in at our 2118 Queen Street East location today. We’ll help you plan the special event you’re putting together with some delicious hot trays that can’t be beat. Everyone who works at Mamma’s Pizza is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. That means, among other things, that all our ingredients are brought in fresh daily.

We have traditional dishes and a little something to tickle everyone’s fancy. People who are looking for some Fettuccine Alfredo to top off a corporate event come to us and are never disappointed. It’s always served piping hot and fresh. What’s more, you can order half or full trays depending on the number of hungry mouths you’ve got to feed.

Nutritional Tables Too

When our customers in the Beaches told us they wanted nutritional tables they could see our website, we listened. Mammas Pizza uses only the freshest ingredients and traditional methods to create excellent treats for you and your family.

That’s one of the big reasons that we were only too happy to post everything that we put in our specialty pizzas and other meals online.

Desserts Too

A full meal experience. That’s what we want you to have at our beaches location so we’ve added some of the best desserts to be found anywhere. For those of you with a sweet tooth, we offer strawberry cheesecake that’s unsurpassed. Once you take a little bite, you’ll understand why Mamma’s Pizza has a reputation for quality and dedication to fresh ingredients.

Once you try some of our excellent food, you want to give it away to friends and family. That’s why we’ve accommodated with a series of gift cards that you can buy and spread the love around.


These come in a number of different denominations. Like everything else we serve, there’s variety to be had because we know different people have different tastes.

Don’t Forget Our Beverages

Don’t forget that you need something cool to wash down our excellent pizza with. Remember to take a few minutes to check out the excellent drink specials that we have on our website. We tried to think of everything for your pizza pleasure.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning on a big event or just enjoying a slice at home, we’ve got you covered here at Mamma’s Pizza. Make sure to check out our specials and enjoy Mamma’ s Eclub today.