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How To Choose From Mammas Sandwiches In Whitby

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Mammas Pizza has a great selection of sandwiches in Whitby that are always made fresh. Everything that you see on this part of our menu can be delivered. Not only that, you can add some special condiments to each of these items.

For example, our Whitby customers are raving about the extra onions you can have put on the veal cutlet sandwich. You can order that item and all the others online. One of the other big favorites in the Durham region is the chicken cutlet sandwich with fresh tomato sauce.

That one tastes great with extra sautéed mushrooms and cheese.

Then there’s always the meatball sandwich. It’s a perfect choice for a quiet evening at home or fast meal after a busy day at work. Try it with hot sweet peppers to tickle your taste buds.

Of course our brand-new Whitby location offers more than these sandwiches. After all, we could not call ourselves Mammas Pizza and less we had a fine selection of that traditional Italian food for you.

Vegan Pizzas In Whitby

It’s easy to pick the right choice from our vegan pizzas in Whitby selection. Start by deciding on the right size. If you’re having a big gathering, we like to suggest the  Vegan Olive Press with cheese in the 18 inch family size.

This pizza is perfect for the vegetarians in your family.

Perhaps you are having a smaller event or a more intimate gathering?  That’s when we like to suggest the vegan original in a small to medium size. This pizza has excellent toppings including fresh broccoli and zucchini as well as roasted red peppers. Of course the Italian plum tomato sauce that Mammas Pizza restaurants are famous for is part of this delicious entrée.


Don’t forget that we also offer catering in Whitby services. That way you can have delicious entrées and sides delivered to everything from a birthday party to a corporate event.

That includes some traditional food like garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese. We can also supply half trays or full trays of delicious pasta entrées to your next social event. That includes Fettuccini Alfredo and both meat and vegetarian lasagna trays

Customizing any of your meals is easy. You can add everything from meatballs to rose sauce and chicken to any of the pasta entrées we offer.