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How to microwave pasta

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In today’s world everyone is pressed for time but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality at dinner time for good healthy meals.  In fact, a great timesaver that works  is about learning the best ways to use your modern conveniences like a microwave to cook pasta.

Keep in mind that one of the first steps is finding a microwave safe bowl. Although many people using microwaves for any amount of time understand that you can’t use plastic, it is still a good idea to remind them to look for a ceramic container or other safe material to use.

It is also a good idea to remember pasta expands in the microwave so filling up half the container before you press cook  will give you an idea of exactly how much you’ll need to put in. A little experimentation might be in order, but it’s better to start off with the smaller amount.

After you’ve found the right mix and have cooked the pasta the way you want it,  you can use a strainer to drain off any excess water that you’ve put in to help cook your meal . Of course, you can repeat the entire process for your favorite seasoning or topping for your pasta using less time , but remember everything is extremely hot after it’s been cooked in the microwave, so you want to use an oven mitt to move the food out once you are done.