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If You’re Looking for Fresh Vegan Toppings, Check Out Our Burlington Location

pizza and wings made with homemade sauces at Mamma's Pizza

The staff at our Burlington location understands that each and every member of your family has different tastes. We have something for each one of them including fresh toppings that come with our vegan pizza selections. These are sure to delight even the most discerning taste buds.

Chili flakes and black olives are just two of the choices that you’ll find on any of these specialty pizza choices. The people who come into our Burlington Mamma’s Pizza love the delicious bruschetta they can get.

When you come in with your family or order online, you can always rest assured you’ll get fresh ingredients and a little piece of history.

Delicious Food

All the delicious food including vegan pizzas that you can find at our restaurant today can be traced back to a little town in Limano Italy. Our founder Lidia Danesi grew up in that small village and brought her recipes with her when she came to Canada.

Our Burlington Mamma’s Pizza location follows those early traditions by preparing fresh dough every day on the premises.

We understand how people’s tastes have changed as the years have gone by. That’s why we have an outstanding variety of vegan pizza options for today’s clients.

Vegan Choices

Make no mistake about it. These vegetarian and vegan choices are just as delicious and fresh as anything else on the menu. If Mamma were around today to try a slice, she would be proud.

Our Burlington location is also more than happy to cater to any special events that you have going on. Planning a wedding reception can be overwhelming until you get our catering service on your side.

We take great pride in preparing a delicious assortment of appetizers to get your guests started before the main course.

Special Event

We have a whole lot of clients at our Burlington location who are putting on a birthday celebration. They come to us and ask if we can cater that type of special event. Our answer is always an enthusiastic yes!

A steaming tray of hot meatballs is one of the answers. This is the type of food that will make memories for each of your guests and fill their stomachs.

Our Burlington Mamma’s Pizza location can look after a variety of your needs. Don’t forget that you can order anything from our menu online.