Interesting Facts about Pizza Toppings

Sometimes eating pizza is so much fun you forget about all the work that goes into one making one of these delicious treats. The toppings are always one of the more interesting aspects of this favourite food. People love to discuss their favourite choices for what goes on top of their pizza. Here’s just a few of the things they’ve come up with.

It must’ve been hard to calculate this. However someone came up with the number that Americans eat 251,770,000 pounds of pepperoni every year. It’s no wonder that a full 36% of all the pizzas ordered in America have this favourite topping.

From first to last. That means we did some research and found out that anchovies are the least favourite topping for your pizza. When it comes to the difference between putting meat and vegetables on top, a full 62% of Americans prefer meat.

However, women like vegetables and they are twice as likely to ask for them to top off their favourite treat. As far as international toppings go, people in India like tofu. Venison and duck have recently made appearances as the preferred way top off your pizza. Even Canadian back bacon is making an appearance.