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Interesting pizza toppings

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If you ask around you’ll find that most people love classic pizza. Double cheese and pepperoni are two of the most ordered items. However, it is human nature to get a little crazy at times.

Here’s a few interesting pizza toppings for just such an occasion.

People are health conscious these days. They still love pizza but they want to make healthy choices at the same time. That’s why the Twitter hashtag #putaneggonit is so interesting. It suggests that any tasty pizza party should include mushrooms and a fried egg right in the middle. Sounds good to us.

Here’s another idea that’s appealing and filling at the same time. Pizza pie with barbecue chicken on a skillet is a great way to make a back yard barbecue even more interesting.

Back to the breakfast theme for just a minute. Someone had a great idea to put bacon and eggs on top of pizza and cut the slices into smaller chunks. That way you can take it to work or eat them on the way there.

There are people who really get inventive with the toppings they put on pizza. We even found one example where someone used Cobb salad.