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Inventive DIY Pizza ideas

Fathers day special pizza

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the pizza you make for yourself. However, there are some foodies out there that have taken things a little far!  We’re sure you’ll agree these inventive DIY pizza ideas are imaginative and creative.

  • There are those among us that really enjoy what the seasons have to offer when it comes to toppings that you can put on your pizza and we’d like to think that roasted root is one of the more interesting ideas you might consider. This is really something for those folks hat want to stay as close as possible to nature and Mother Earth.
  • It shouldn’t really be any big surprise that someone else went ahead and put some potatoes on a pizza. They also decided that goat cheese and shredded Brussels sprouts would be interesting and tasty toppings. We couldn’t agree more.

Of course there’s a tip of the hat to be had for the smart cookie who decided to mix two traditional Italian foods together. That’s the general idea behind Pasta Pizza that combines spaghetti and pizza dough.

When you stop and think about it, it’s easy to see that the number of DIY pizza choices is really only limited by your imagination.