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Kebab pizza on the way out in Sweden

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Here at Mama’s Pizza, we’ve always been aware of the fact that different people have different tastes when it comes to our favorite food. That’s why we like to offer a wide variety of vegetarian and meat lovers choices.

We also like to bring you news from around the world that involves this tasty treat. In Sweden, there is every indication that the popular kebab pizza is finally losing its popularity. It seems that kebab meat has been the most popular topping for pizza lovers there for several years.

However, things are starting to change. A recent online survey found that a cheese and ham combination is taking over the number one position. Different strokes for different folks is what we always like to say.

It’s worth noting that the Swedes like to pick their time and dates for eating pizza. New Year’s Day has long been the day the most pizza is consumed in that country. Customers are leaning towards creating their own customized pizza toppings in Sweden too!

Frida Ceveryd is a national pizza baking contest champion. She recently told a news organization in the country that Swedes favor safe options and traditional toppings they know well.