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Kosher Pizza Toppings

Super Salad Bowl in Ontario

Pizza is truly an international food and that’s why we thought we should put together a list of some of the best kosher pizza toppings. Of course our Jewish friends love pizza just as much as every body else and it should be no surprise to find that some of the items that are listed as their favorite toppings are just the same for non-Jewish pizza lovers too.

  • It shouldn’t be any surprise to find that cheese tops both lists. Although some people might be a little surprised to find out that kosher cheese includes Swiss, goat and blue varieties as well. It just goes to show that everyone’s taste buds are on the same page when it comes to this delicious treat.
  • Spices and vegetables are two kosher toppings as well as imitation crab meat. If you look on some Jewish websites to get an idea of what they consider to be the very best kosher toppings, it’s interesting to know they tell pizza lovers to let their imagination be their guide.

It’s good to know that everyone loves pizza and the toppings we use are different and the same. It just goes to show that pizza is one of those foods that can bring us all together.