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Looking for Sandwiches in Richmond Hill?

Build Your Own Pizza at Mamma's Pizza in Ontario

If you’re looking for sandwiches in Richmond Hill, you’ve stopped on the right website. Mammas Pizza has an excellent selection of fresh choices that you can eat in our restaurant or have delivered. These make an excellent lunch during a busy work day or a quiet snack afterwards at home.

One of the most popular options we have on our menu is the veal cutlet sandwich. It comes with tomato sauce that’s always made fresh. There is also a chicken cutlet and meatball sandwich to choose from.


Regardless of the one you decide on, you’ll get the same loving care that Mamma brought to Canada way back in the 1950s. Lidia Danesi lived in Tuscany. She brought all of her recipes when came to live in Canada.

That means that everything on our menu, including the delicious sandwiches in Richmond Hill, are made fresh in the traditional Italian manner.

Of course that includes our selection of Parmigiana entrées.

Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti

When you read about the ingredients this entrée has, you’ll see why it’s a customer favorite. This dish comes complete with a fresh breaded chicken cutlet that’s served with spaghetti and topped with melted cheese.

Veal Parmigiana with Spaghetti

This is another popular item that you can order online and have delivered to your home or office.


Don’t forget that Mammas Pizza is always running specials to tickle your taste buds. For example, this is pasta month. That means that you can order any of the delicious entrées on our menu and add chicken or meatballs for extra flavor.

Walk in

There’s also a walk in and pick up special for someone who happens to already be in the neighborhood. This one involves two toppings on a medium pizza and one dipping sauce.

Finally, our staff is very proud of our Pizza and Wings special. You’ll get a large pizza with three different toppings and two cans of pop or two dipping sauces. There’s also tend chicken wings so everyone gets their fill.

Different Specials

Take a look on our website and you will see a variety of different specials. The Hot Sicilian is a real crowd-pleaser because it comes with garlic Parmesan sticks and dipping sauce.

Why not sign up for our E club today so you’ll always be the first to get special offers and discounts?