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Looking For The Best Pasta in East York?

Order penne pasta in Toronto

We are proud of all the food we serve here at Mamma’s Pizza Restaurant. It’s hard to single out one menu item for special treatment. However, people who are looking for the best pasta in East York have found the right location.

Remember that everything you see on this part of our menu comes with two pieces of complementary garlic bread. You’ll also get a side order of Parmesan cheese. That’s only the beginning of the add-ons we have available.

Extra Tomato Sauce

Our East York customers tell us how much they enjoy the extra tomato sauce and rose sauce that makes a spaghetti dinner even more delectable. That menu choice is sautéed with parsley and garlic and fresh onions are added.

You can add melted cheese onto any of the pasta dishes on our menu. That’s a big favorite with the people dining in our East York restaurant when they order the rigatoni. This is an excellent entrée choice because it comes with two pieces of complementary garlic bread.


No blog about the best pasta in East York would be complete without mentioning lasagna. Mamma’s pizza has something for everyone including a vegetarian variety. This is a delicious entrée that’s layered with mushrooms and spinach as well as Romano cheese and zucchini.

The Best Pasta in East York and Garlic Bread Too

Then there’s a meat lasagna that comes with fresh ground beef and two pieces of garlic bread.

Everything on our menu can be ordered online and delivered. Mamma’s pizza in East York is always looking out for your best interests. That’s why we like to suggest that you join our eClub so you can receive outstanding discounts and offers sent right to your email.

Being part of the communities that we serve is something we take very seriously. Please take a minute to look through our Mamma’s community page. That’s where you can see some of the work that we’ve done including raising money for Easter Seals.

Gift Cards

Finally, don’t forget to consider our gift cards. These come in a number of different denominations. They are the perfect way to tell that special someone that you care. You can even check your gift card balance right online.

We offer some of the best pasta in East York and a lot of other delicious menu items too. Take a final few minutes to look through the desserts and drinks that make a perfect complement to your choice of entrée.