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Looking for the best pizza in Richmond Hill? We’re here to serve you

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The best pizza in Richmond Hill can be ordered online or even from our brand-new mobile app. There’s a lot more to this delicious food than first meets the eye. We’d like to take you on a short trip through all the special ingredients that go into one of our delicious pizzas.

First, there’s a bit of history behind every slice of pizza that you get from us. Mammas pizza was founded in 1957 on a series of recipes that were brought from the old country. The recipes that were brought over came from an ancestry that reaches back into Italian fine food heritage.

Today, we are proud to say that we are keeping pace with the latest innovations and tastes. For example, we put nutritional tables on our website so each and every person knows exactly what they’re getting. It’s our way of staying close to the traditional route that’s made Mammas Pizza a favourite in the first place.

Keeping Pace

We’ve also been keeping pace with modern tastes by introducing specialty items into our menu. For those of you who are interested, we have a variety of vegan pizzas to choose from. Although it might be considered a bit of a biased opinion, we think they qualify under the best pizza in Richmond Hill banner.

Delicious Food

Along with the delicious food that you can get at one of our restaurants, we are quite proud of our community affiliations. We have been associated with various charities and events because we want to give back to the communities that have been so good to us.

Our catering services are some of the finest in the industry. When you are looking for excellent appetizers and entrées, Mammas Pizza supplies chicken wings and meatballs for large and small parties both.

Gift Cards

We also have a variety of gift cards so you can spread our delicious food among your family and friends. These come in denominations from five dollars all the way to $100 and are the perfect gift for friends and relatives.

At the top of all the different things we offer is the best pizza in Richmond Hill. One of the reasons it stands head and shoulders above the competition is the fact we only use the freshest ingredients. You can get in touch with us online or by phone to order one of our delicious pizzas today.