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Looking for the Best Pizza in Toronto?

close pizza places to my location

Mammas has the best pizza in Toronto at their Sammon Avenue location. Are you looking to build your own pizza? If so, you don’t need to look any further. We have a wide selection that starts with a small 10 inch and works all the way up to the party size that has 24 squares.

There are several different types of dough  you can choose from like the gluten-free variety and a traditional crust. Those are just a few of the choices that you have when you’re looking for excellent pizza.

This is the location that also offers whole wheat dough that’s available in all sizes. We also have a great selection of pizza dips that include ranch and marinara. There’s a lot to choose from when you start looking through the menu at our Sammon Avenue Mammas Pizza.

Free Toppings

Fresh garlic and fresh green chili are just a few of the free toppings. The gourmet versions include roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini to name just a few.

Of course, the best pizza in Toronto is just one of the items we have to offer.

Best Pasta in Toronto

We wouldn’t be much of an Italian food restaurant unless we had pastas on our menu.  If you are looking for the best pasta in Toronto why not start by considering our Fettuccini Alfredo?  This dish is sautéed and simmered in ham and then a cheese and cream sauce is added. Best of all, this delicious entrée is served with two pieces of complementary garlic bread.

Fresh onions are one of the cornerstone ingredients in the spaghetti we serve. This best pasta in Toronto dish is simmered in a fresh plum tomato sauce and garnished with garlic and fresh onions.

Meat Sauce

You can order it with either tomato sauce or meat sauce. Add three meatballs to make sure this dish is memorable.

We make sure to think of everything so every meal that you have with us is special. That includes a great assortment of delicious side dishes.

Best Sides in Toronto

It’s always important to have something new in this part of our menu. That’s why we have added Arancini. This side dish comes with delicious marinara sauce that’s perfect for dipping.

The other best in Toronto side dishes we have include potato wedges and garlic Parmesan sticks. Of course there’s also a selection of the old standbys like garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese.