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Looking for The Best Pizza Restaurant in Whitby?

vegan pizza options at Mamma's Pizza

If you are looking for the best pizza restaurant in Whitby, your reading the right blog. Our new location prides itself on having gourmet vegan pizza and other menu choices that are second to none.

Here are just a few of the new choices you will find at our Whitby location.

Plant Based Pepperoni Pizza

This is the latest addition to our gourmet vegan pizza line up. Everything on that part of our menu are masterpieces that are made with only the most delicious fresh ingredients. That includes this latest addition that has plant based pepperoni included.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

We want you to have the meal that’s both scrumptious and healthy when you come into our pizza restaurant in Whitby. Don’t forget that you can order this latest addition online. The brand-new cauliflower crust pizza is available in a medium-size only. That doesn’t mean you can’t order it for delivery and have it arrive piping hot.

We also have an assortment of delicious pastas. Everything on this part of our menu comes with two pieces of complimentary garlic bread and a delicious side order of fresh Parmesan cheese.

  • The Rigatoni is sautéed in a fresh plum tomato sauce. It’s topped off with fresh melted cheese.
  • The Penne is also simmered in a delightful tomato sauce. We have also added hot Italian sausage as well as sautéed green peppers and onions as well as mushrooms.
  • The Fettuccini we serve is simmered in a cheese and cream paste before it’s sautéed with ham.

You can add to any one of these meals. Choices include melted cheese and extra meat sauce as well as rose sauce and/or chicken.

Don’t forget that you can build your own pizza at our pizza restaurant in Whitby.

Choose from deep dish, gluten-free or our brand-new cauliflower crust. Our brand-new Whitby restaurant also has a variety of pizza dips. Choose from marinara or ranch as well as roasted garlic or cheddar chipotle.

Don’t forget to take a few minutes to choose the right toppings. Start by selecting what you want from our traditional menu. You’ll find pepperoni and mushrooms as well as green peppers and hot pepper rings there.

The gourmet toppings include broccoli and bruschetta. Finally, we offer a good selection of different cheeses. These include goat and feta cheese as well as the more traditional cheddar variety.