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Mamma’s Adelaide Has Catering

Toronto gluten free meatball pizza

People who work at our Adelaide Mamma’s pizza location are always receiving compliments about the fresh ingredients andold-world touch in everything we do. Of course, we like to take every opportunity to point out all of the different services that we offer. For us, it’s very important that each and every member of our GTA family gets to partake of everything that we have to offer.

That’s why our Adelaide Avenue location has outstanding catering services as well. We think it’s very important that you have the option to take our delicious food with you to every event and party that you have. Some of our stuff like to call it “Taking Mamma on The Road with Them,” but we still refer to as our catering services.

Garlic Bread

Who doesn’t love fresh garlic bread? Keep in mind that each and every tray or half tray you ordered is fresh. One of the cornerstones of our Toronto location is making sure that you get only the freshest ingredients served piping hot directly to your event.

We pride ourselves on adding to any kind of family gathering or corporate meeting. Our garlic bread is perfect whether your hosting a birthday party or saying bon voyage to a colleague as they move on their career.

Meatball Tray

Teambuilding events can be made more exciting with one of our meatball trays. There is no limit to the events where our catered food is the perfect addition, and we’ve had great success with this kind of business event in the past.

Mamma’s Pizza is the place where you can always bring friends and family for a wonderful delicious meal. Our staff are always friendly and welcoming, our menu ingredients are backed up by a nutritional table that we encourage you to read.

Catering That We Offer

We pride ourselves on conducting business exactly the way mamma did use ago when she brought the first restaurant to Toronto in 1957. The catering that we offer is a large part of that, but far from the experience that you can get with us.

Why not take a few minutes to look over our website? We have a variety of specials that cater to each and every taste including vegetarian and vegan. Take a few minutes to check out our delicious assortment of sandwiches and other Italian food like spaghetti and penne.