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Mamma’s East York Specialty Pizza

Mamma's Pizza delivery options

Mammas has quite a few different specialty pizzas to choose from at our East York location. There are a variety of different sizes too. The 10 inch small has six slices. It’s perfect for lunch at the office or a small personal snack in our restaurant.

The medium-size has eight slices. That’s great for an intimate evening with that special someone or one close friend. The toppings on these specialty pizzas are all fresh. That’s just one of the bonuses that our East York clients rave about.

Getting Together

Getting together with your whole family is made even more exciting by the 18 inch family size specialty pizza. Twelve slices is just enough for everyone in your clan. There are some new choices for you to take a look at under this banner.

Mamma’s Pizza is very excited about the brand-new barbecue chicken and bacon cheddar melt. Barbecue sauce and cheese smother a seasoned barbecue chicken breast. Cheddar cheese and bacon make up the other ingredients. This one is bound to become a real favorite.

The More Traditional Items

That’s not to take away from the more traditional items on our specialty pizza menu. The combination pizza has cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce. There’s always room for green peppers and fresh mushrooms on top. We even have some unusual choices here at Mamma’s Pizza. The potato item is a good example. Of course it has only the freshest roasted potatoes as an ingredient. We’ve also included spinach and black olives as well as cheddar cheese.

If you take a few minutes to go through the specialty items on our menu, you’ll see we have quite a selection. That’s to say nothing of the pizza specials that you will find at our East York Mamma’s Pizza restaurant.

These come with the toppings of your choice, chicken wings and pop. Don’t forget to check out the walk-in special. There is one medium pepperoni pizza included here that you can upsize to a large. It only costs two dollars more!

Order Food Online

You can order our food online. We always like to see you at our East York location, but delivering your food right to your front door makes us happy too. Finally, why not sign up for Mammas E Club? You’ll get all of the latest promotions and coupons delivered right to your inbox.