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Mamma’s Eglington West Serves Up These Great Specials

Mamma’s Pizza at Eglington

Families love to come into our Eglington West Mamma’s Pizza for great food and good times. This particular location has been serving wonderful Italian food since 1957. You can dine in with friends and family or order online.

Either way it doesn’t matter. You get the same dedication to fresh food made with a traditional flair. We spare no expense when it comes to our menu specials. Take a few minutes to look them over. Once you’ve decided which one suits your mood and taste buds, you can order online. It’s another way Mamma’s Pizza brings traditional Italian dishes right to your home or office.

Delivering our food to you is never a problem. However, choosing one of our pizza specials may be a little more difficult. For example, the Soccer Special includes an extra-large pizza with any two toppings and 10 chicken wings. Then there’s Special Number One which is one of our more traditional menu choices. A large three topping pizza comes with four pieces of garlic bread, four cans of pop and 10 chicken wings.

Mamma’s Eglington West Has Party Size Specials

There’s something for everyone at our Eglinton West Mamma’s Pizza location. Customers love our walk-in special. It comes with one medium pepperoni pizza that you can upsize for only two dollars.

Watching Netflix at home with friends and family? We like to suggest Special Number Three as the perfect meal for movie night. It includes one party size pepperoni pizza and four cans of pop so no one gets left out.

Assortment of Specials

The specials we offer on our menu are fantastic and a hit with all our customers. At Mamma’s Pizza, we want to make sure everyone gets what they want. That’s why we also have a great assortment of Vegan Pizzas to choose from.

These come in a variety of different sizes. Lunchtime is made much more pleasant by the 10” small Vegan Pizza that comes in six slices.

Our pizza sizes range all the way to an 18-inch family size and party size with 24 piping hot squares. Take a look at all the different pizza toppings on our menu. You’ll see we are dedicated to providing the freshest ingredients like vegan pepper jack cheese and tomato sauce.

Our Eglington West Mamma’s Pizza serves up some wonderful specials and Vegan Pizza delights.