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Mama’s Blogs

Mammas Gourmet Vegan Pizzas in Etobicoke: Fresh Every Time

Mammas gourmet vegan pizzas in Etobicoke come with fresh ingredients. You can have everything on this part of our menu delivered. What’s more, we’ve even added some new items for you to look over.

Vegan Olive Press (with Cheese)

This one is a big favorite with our customers in Etobicoke. One look at the list of fresh ingredients and you won’t need to wonder why. The roasted potatoes and roasted red peppers add a unique and satisfying taste. Eggplant is also added to this gourmet pizza.

Vegan Primavera

Don’t forget there are a number of gourmet pizza toppings that you can add to anything you see on our menu. However, it might be hard to top the sun-dried tomatoes and marinated artichokes that come on this item. The vegan mozzarella cheese is a perfect complement to our old world tomato sauce that’s made fresh.

Vegan Sausage Classic

Italian plum tomato sauce is one of the cornerstones ingredients on this pizza. The vegan sausage and white onions make for a tasty treat that you can enjoy any day of the week. Get in touch with us today to have this item delivered to your office or home.

Vegan Original

The vegan original is another popular choice. Roasted red peppers complement broccoli and zucchini on this pizza.

Don’t forget to order something from the drinks that we have available for a complete meal experience. Nothing goes better with your gourmet vegan pizzas in Etobicoke then your choice of soft drink. We offer a 350 mL can or a 500 mL bottle in some of the most popular brands.

Sparkling Water

There’s also a special where you can order 355 mL cans.

There are also juices and iced tea as well as sparkling water and milk of available.

Don’t Forget The Salads

Healthy fresh salads are a great way to enhance any of the pizza you order Check the following out on our website.

Chef’s Salad

This is a delicious choice because it comes with fresh tomatoes and leaf lettuce as well as red onions. We like to suggest that as a side dish for any of the gourmet vegan pizzas in Etobicoke choices you make.

Mediterranean Salad

Romaine lettuce is the main part of this delicious salad dish. Red onions and feta cheese are just two of the other delicious ingredients.