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Mamma’s Harbourfront Catering for Any Event

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If you want to make sure everyone enjoys good food at your next family get-together, check out Mamma’s Harbourfront Catering services.

Our food is served at many different functions and a wedding reception is one of the most popular. Whether you’re planning a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style approach, consider serving fresh garlic bread to start off. This type of tasty appetizer will hit the spot and make your guests hungry for more.

Enough Food to Satisfy Every Appetite

Some customers prefer a more casual brunch over a sit-down meal. For those folks, we like to suggest a Chicken Wing or Meatball tray. Either selection has two different sizes to satisfy every appetite.

A birthday party is another popular gathering where our food catering services shine. Choosing a theme beforehand ensures everything will go along smoothly. Putting together a guest list and confirming the space for the special occasion come next.


Having a variety of foods to choose from is important if the party you’re planning is for adults. Mamma’s Harbourfront location offers different salads to complement any meal. Garlic croutons and romaine lettuce are just two of the ingredients in the Caesar Salad tray. We spare no expense to supply fresh ingredients like the Kalamata olives in our Chef Salad tray.

Maybe you are putting together a corporate meeting or teambuilding exercise. If that’s the case, then you will want to look over some of the entrées like Fettuccini Alfredo. Having team members bond over great food will accomplish your business goals. This is just the meal to help out. The fettuccini is sautéed with ham. Then everything is simmered in a smooth cheese and cream sauce.

Some Popular Entrées

Ravioli al Prosciutto is another entrée that’s extremely popular due to the traditional preparation and fresh ingredients. Your guests will rave about the spinach, cheese and prosciutto filling that’s simmered in a delicious tomato plum sauce.

Something for Everyone

Experience has proven a lasagna tray is the perfect dish to serve regardless of the type of event you’re hosting. Our traditional Meat Lasagna tray offers up fresh layers of pasta filled with our delicious meat sauce. It is also topped with lots of melted cheese.

There’s something for everyone at Mamma’s Pizza. That’s why we’re proud to offer a delicious Vegetarian Lasagna tray as another option on Mamma’s Harbourfront catering menu.