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Mamma’s Harbourfront Delivers!!

Mamma's cheeseless pizza

You can eat in at our Mamma’s Pizza Harbourfront restaurant or have the food delivered to your office. Catering is another option that you have with us. Getting ready for a corporate event or perhaps a family reunion? Then you should be checking out our menu. Remember, our Harbourfront location and every other Mamma’s Pizza uses the freshest ingredients.

Salads are a popular catering item. These are a must-have for a wedding reception or a large birthday party. There are excellent ingredients in each choice including Kalamata olives and red onions. Once you’ve decided on the date for something like a wedding reception, we advise you to take a look at your budget.


Starting with an estimated number of guests will help us plan how many meat lasagna trays you will need. This entrée uses only fresh pasta and Parmesan cheese. It’s a real crowd pleaser for wedding receptions and other events like business meetings.

If you’re planning a wedding reception, one of the most important parts is the menu itself. Remember, if you’re leaning toward a sit down meal, it’s customary to have printed menus at the tables. The Penne that we can serve for you comes with a creamy pesto sauce and broccoli. It’s just the thing with marinated mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.


There are other decisions that you need to make if you’re planning a wedding reception. You’ll need to get together with family and friends to decide whether a buffet or plated meal is the better choice. Some of the other options available include food stations or a family-style set up.

We are happy to supply the food for any event which includes rigatoni. This oven baked entrée comes in a plum tomato sauce and gets topped off with mild cheese. It’s sure to get rave reviews from the people who attend the occasion.

We also serve up some of the best chicken wings. These come in a variety of flavours including barbecue and honey garlic. You can get either hot or suicide. Although the wing prices might be subject to the market, we can guarantee they will always be mouthwatering and fresh.

Wedding Reception

Choosing the menu for a wedding reception can be interesting and fun. Still, it’s good to keep in mind some of your guests might have dietary restrictions. Discussing that with us beforehand is a good way forward. Remember, we also have nutritional tables on our website that you can refer to.