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Mammas in Courtice Has Pasta

Get the Best pasta at our Courtice Location

Another new Mammas Pizza Restaurant will be opening soon in Courtice. Like the other ones in our traditional Italian food restaurant family, the new restaurant will have some of the best food.

Like the pasta that you’ve come to know and love.

Take a look at the menu. You will see some delicious Italian menu choices that include Fettuccini. This is one of our most popular items, and it’s sure to catch on in our new Courtice restaurant.

Good Reasons

There are several good reasons for its popularity that include the ingredients like olive oil and parsley as well as garlic and fresh onions. This one comes in our famous plum tomato sauce and gets served with delicious garlic bread.

More Delicious Pasta Entrees

Our new Courtice location promises to be one of our busiest restaurants. That means we will have some of the choices that you’ve already grown fond of like Rigatoni.

Choose from two different servings. One comes with our famous tomato sauce and the other with meat sauce. You can add three meatballs to either choice for just a small price.

There will be some more traditional favorites at our new restaurant including meat and vegetarian lasagna.

  • The meat version is layered with several delicious ingredients. Those include Romano and Parmesan cheese as well as fresh ground beef. This entrée has freshly melted cheese on top and of course, you can dine in or order it online.
  • The vegetarian lasagna features zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach. It is served with two pieces of fresh garlic bread.

Don’t forget to check out our sandwiches when you are looking for your next meal. Add onions or sautéed mushrooms as well as hot sweet peppers and cheese to anything you find.

The veal cutlet sandwich is one of our more popular choices. It’s perfect for a busy lunch as you go back to the office. The chicken cutlet sandwich is another excellent suggestion.

Everything is Fresh

Regardless of the food you finally choose, we guarantee everything is fresh. Why not join Mammas E club? It’s a perfect way to stay on top of all of our discounts and special offers.

We are excited about our new Courtice location. That’s why we want everyone to follow us on social media and come in to see us as soon as our new address opens.