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Mammas In The Beaches Caters

If you are having a special event, Mamma’s Pizza in The Beaches can help. Our catering menu has something delicious for everyone on your guest list. Great food makes for great times and that’s just what we like to supply.

Why not take a few minutes to look through the delicious entrees and appetizers we have in our catering menu?

Let’s start off with a traditional Italian appetizer. The garlic bread that we serve up is always fresh. It’s an excellent way to start out a corporate meeting or family birthday party. The garlic bread and garlic bread cheese we offer come in both half tray and full tray options.

Please read on to get a good idea of some of the other menu items on the list.

  • The meatball tray is an excellent choice regardless of the kind of event you’re having. It’s always made fresh and adds a zesty bit of flavour to a wedding reception or a sports awards ceremony.
  •  Who doesn’t like chicken wings?  These are a perfect choice regardless of the kind of event that you are having.
  • Health-conscious people who are holding an occasion should check out the different salad trays we have on our catering menu. These include wonderful ingredients like red onions and Kalamata olives. The Mediterranean salad tray has a lot of wonderful ingredients including green peppers and feta cheese.

Our catering menu also includes a lot of delicious pasta that will make any event memorable. Don’t forget that you can have special ingredients like meat sauce and rose sauce.

Everyone loves lasagna. That’s why we have two different varieties to choose from. The meat lasagna has layers of fresh pasta. These are stuffed with our unique meat sauce and topped with melted cheese.

Big Favourite 

The vegetarian lasagna tray is another big crowd favourite. This one is filled with our Plum tomato sauce as well as zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach.

Don’t forget to take a look at all of our different menu items before you start planning your special event. Then, consider giving someone one of our gift cards. These come in different denominations so you can get one that fits everyone’s specific needs.

Mamma’s Pizza Restaurant in The Beaches is happy to offer a catering service. Remember that we also have a huge menu of excellent food choices that can be delivered right to your home or office.