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Mama’s Blogs

Mammas in Whitby Has Great Salads

Get Great Salads at Whitby Location

Our new restaurant in Whitby has a lot of excellent menu choices. Everything you’ll find there is made fresh so you’re always making the healthy choice when you’re ordering from Mammas Pizza.

We even have some delicious salads that are an excellent complement to anything else you choose.

Chef’s Salad

People love the chef’s salad because it comes with red onions and fresh tomatoes. People in Whitby love to order chicken with this particular item to have a little extra flavor. Whether you order it for delivery or come into our restaurant, that little add-on can make all the difference.

Caesar Salad

Romain lettuce is one of the big ingredients in this option. We always like to suggest that it goes well with one of our vegan specialty pizzas. That of course includes the spicy vegan that comes with vegan pepper jack cheese and bruschetta as well as black and green olives.

There are a variety of sizes to choose from. If you’re having a big gathering as the summer winds down, why not order the party size? It has 24 squares and can be delivered right to your front door with your favorite salad.

Mamma’s Salad

Fresh tomatoes and leaf lettuce are the two big ingredients in this order. Garlic croutons and shredded cheese as well as sliced egg make it one of our Whitby customer’s favorite menu items.

Can we suggest that you try one of our delicious salads with one of our specials?

For example, the Pizza and Wings special comes with a large pizza and any three toppings that you choose. You can also have 10 chicken wings and two cans of pop or two different dipping sauces with this special order.

Order Online

Add a salad and order it online for delivery today.

Here’s another one of the specials that our Whitby clients keep raving about. The Hot Sicilian includes a medium hot Sicilian pizza with garlic Parmesan sticks and your choice of dipping sauce.

Gift Cards

Don’t forget that we also have gift cards that come in different denominations. Get ones that start at five dollars and go all the way up to $100 for that special someone in your life.

These can be used at any Mammas Pizza location that you choose. Why not let that special someone know that you are thinking about them today?