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Mammas New Outstanding Pizza Restaurant in Whitby

vegan pizza options at Mamma's Pizza

Mammas Pizza is always doing something new and exciting for our customers. That’s why we are excited to announce our brand-new outstanding pizza restaurant in Whitby at 605 Brock St. Go online and order your favourite pizza or phone 905-668-2222.

There’s something old and something new for all of our customers in the East End of the GTA. The something new is our location. However, there is no need to worry because the something old is all of the great menu choices you’ve gotten used to.

Fresh Garlic Bread

That includes a great selection of mouthwatering pastas for you to choose from. Everything on our menu includes two complementary pieces of fresh garlic bread as well as a delicious side order of Parmesan cheese.

Little Extras

You can add an assortment of little extras to your meal including extra meat sauce and chicken. If you enjoyed Mammas Pizza in other locations, you’ll find the selection and service is just as good in Whitby.

Pizza Delivery in Whitby For Sandwiches Too.

That includes fast efficient delivery for excellent sandwiches that are perfect at home or work. The veal cutlet sandwich with tomato sauce is quickly becoming a favorite there. Everything is made fresh and perhaps best of all is the fact you can order it online for prompt pizza delivery in Whitby.


You can also choose a chicken cutlet or meatball sandwich and add sautéed mushrooms or onions to any of these menu items.

Of course there are lots of exciting food items to choose from in our new location. However there are some traditional selections too.

Gourmet Pizza in Whitby In Just The Right Size

That includes of course the finest selection of house specialty meat pizzas in the Durham Region. Our gourmet pizza in Whitby selections come in a variety of different sizes. The 21” x 15” party size has 24 squares so there’s enough for everyone.

Then there’s a great variety of brand-new pizza selections that you can order in the 10 inch small or 16 inch extra large sizes. Here’s a great example. The butter chicken pizza boasts green peppers, red onions and fresh tomato sauce as well as roasted red peppers.

More Traditional?

People looking for something a little more traditional ask about Mamma’s Hot Sicilian pizza. This is fast becoming a favorite with our brand-new Whitby clientele.