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Mamma’s Pizza North York And Gift Certificates! What a Combo!

cater a wedding reception at Mamma's Pizza Restaurant

Our North York location is always clean and welcoming. The staff who work there are always looking forward to seeing you and your family. You can come into our fine dining establishment, or you can order online and have a piping hot pizza delivered to your home.

At our 4903 Yonge Street location, it only matters to us that you get the freshest ingredients and specially made pizza that will make your day. Here at Mamma’s Pizza, we go out of our way to make sure that you have a fulfilling dining experience.

Gift Certificates

We’ve tried to think of everything. That’s why we even have gift certificates on our website that you can give to friends and family or coworkers. That way you can spread the great ingredients and made fresh every day dough we supply.

After choosing the gift certificate that suits you best, you’ll be faced with another decision right away. Sorting through all that we have to offer can be daunting and fun at the same time. Our North York location has a variety of specialty pizza choices. These come in anassortment of different sizes all the way up to a party pizza that’s good for the whole group.

Combine Favorite Meals

If you take a few minutes to look at what we have to offer, you’ll see there’s truly something for everyone at our famous North York location. Maybe you’d like to combine two of your favorite meals together? That’s why we offer chicken Alfredo pizza that’s sure to delight even the most discerning palate.

At Mamma’s Pizza, dedication to quality andOld World values are just two of the cornerstones of our business. We like to think that we’ve carried on with the traditions that were brought here by our founder way back in 1957.  We also like to say that as the world changes, we keep pace and stay the same.

Latest Innovations

That means that we’ve kept an eye on some of the latest innovations including an online ordering portal that’s fast and efficient. Of course, that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. In fact, we go out of our way to make sure that every vegetarian pizza we offer our North York clients is made of only the freshest ingredients.

If you’re looking for a variety of excellent choices and gift certificates so you can spread the love around, our North York location is the place for you.