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Mammas Pizza Restaurant in The Beaches Caters

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Mammas Pizza restaurant in the Beaches has something for every taste. You can order online or eat in our restaurant. Either way, you’ll enjoy good food that’s always made fresh the way Mamma would have wanted it.

The menu we have in that location includes specialty pizzas as well as vegan and build your own options. What’s more, this restaurant also caters to a variety of your special events with delicious food that makes any occasion memorable.

Garlic Bread

The catering menu starts with garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese. Order a half tray or a full tray depending on the number of guests you expect. This is the perfect appetizer and icebreaker for a business meeting or a more informal family occasion.

We also like to suggest a chicken wing tray from our pizza restaurant in the Beaches. Choose from a variety of flavours that include medium, suicide or hot as well as honey garlic and barbecue. The full tray here serves 14 to 16 of your hungriest guests. You can also order a half tray that serves 6 to 8 people.

Meatball Tray

The meatball tray is an excellent addition to any wedding reception . This is just another one of the delicious items on our catering menu that also includes salads.

Salads For a Special Event From Our Pizza Restaurant in The Beaches

Fresh salad is an important part of any special event. That includes team building exercises for your business and even a family birthday party. That’s why we offer a Caesar Salad tray that comes with garlic croutons and romaine lettuce.

The Chef Salad tray is another popular item with tomatoes and red onions. You can add chicken to any of the items that you see. It’s important to us that everyone on your guest list has a wonderful time complemented by good food.


That includes an excellent selection of entrées.

The meat lasagna tray is a popular  addition to a meeting and gathering of any size. The meat sauce we use is always fresh and topped with a delicious melted cheese. Our customers in the Beaches rave about the layers of fresh pasta that are filled with a delectable meat sauce.

Our vegan customers enjoy the vegetarian lasagna tray. It has a variety of fresh ingredients including mushrooms, zucchini and spinach. Finally, Mammas Pizza restaurant in the Beaches offers a variety of gift cards. It’s the best way to share good food at a reasonable price.