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Mamma’s Pizza Richmond Street West Is Ready to Serve You

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We are very proud of all of our Mamma’s Pizza locations. However, we sometimes think our 405 Richmond St. W. at Spadina restaurant is especially great for ordering pizza for sporting events. Why? Well, some of the specials you can get there are pretty outstanding.

Just have a quick read through some of these delicious choices:

Spicy Vegan

We take great pride in making sure everyone gets a seat at the table. Even though we have fresh toppings like pepperoni for the meat lovers who sit there, we also want to pull up a chair for the vegans who want to enjoy a fine dining experience.

This is the special that has the freshest Vegan pepper jack cheese and chili flakes. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to our vegan and vegetarian clients. It’s extremely critical to make sure everyone gets delicious food that’s good for them. That’s the cornerstone of our Mamma’s Pizza experience.

Vegan Original

They say variety is the spice of life. Of course, that’s why we have vegan original pizza on our menu. Here at Mamma’s, 100% client satisfaction is our priority. We are a family restaurant that only serves the freshest ingredients because that’s the way Mamma would want it.

We’ve Got Sandwiches Too!!!

We know all about the hustle and bustle of Toronto life. Sometimes you need to cut a corner to get something of good nutritional value on a busy work day. That’s why we have a variety of delicious sandwiches too.

Who doesn’t love a good chicken cutlet sandwich with savory tomato sauce on a wonderfully fresh Kaiser? We’ve even got a hearty steak sandwich and an Italian sausage item for those of you with a big appetite.

Our History Says It All

At the center of everything we do is a commitment and dedication to the Old World values that made us famous. We were one of the very first restaurants to introduce pizza to Toronto and we’ve never looked back since that first date way back in the 1950s.

Each of our locations offers a wide variety of great food. In keeping with the times, we also offer a nutritional table so our commitment to quality is obvious.

Even though Mamma doesn’t prepare pizza in front of a window anymore, our history is evident in everything we do. Why not order online or come into one of our fine restaurants today?