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Mamma’s Pizza’s Specials: Where Quality Meets Innovation

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Innovation is the key to success. Although the culinary experts celebrate the authentic flavors, toppings, and pizza-making techniques at Mamma’s Pizza, they don’t believe in limiting their creativity. While we love preserving authenticity, we also like exploring new avenues of creativity, making way for creating unique culinary masterpieces.

What sets our phenomenal pizzeria apart is our commitment to offering exceptional quality to our customers. Available in various cities across Canada, such as Courtice, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Whitby, Burlington, etc., Mamma’s Pizza preserves quality by sticking to garden-fresh ingredients.

So if a delicious pizza is on your mind and you are looking for a pizza joint in Richmond Hill, we at Mamma’s Pizza are happy to serve you our mouthwatering creations. Our team is committed to offering unforgettable dining experiences to our loving customers. 

You might find various beautiful restaurants on Richmond Street, Toronto; however, the kind of customer service by staff at Mamma’s Pizza is hard to find anywhere else. 

Similarly, if you are from Mississauga and looking for an “Italian restaurant near me,” you must visit our pizza joint in Mississauga. Also, we love catering to vegan palates, so if you are one, you must try our vegan creations. If you try our pizza once, you will discover that it beats the taste of vegan restaurants in Mississauga.

Treat Yourself to Mamma’s Pizza’s Tempting Specials


Mamma’s Pizza’s Specials are designed to help you get more than your money’s worth, so you shouldn’t think twice while opting for them. Here is what you can choose from. 

Walk-in/Pick-up Special 

If you are in a hurry and don’t really have time to relish your pizza at Mamma’s Pizza, you can opt for our walk-in/pick-up special, where you get a medium size pizza with a delicious traditional topping. You can upsize your pizza from medium to large just for $3. The medium pizza will cost you $9.95 + tax.

Party Size Any 1 Topping Special

Whether you want to throw a pizza party for your family or friends, you can order ‘Party Size Any 1 Topping Special’ from Mamma’s Pizza. You will get one party-size pizza with one traditional topping, only at $23.95 + tax. The best part is adding four cans of pop for just $5.50. A budget-friendly deal, it would be a good idea to take advantage of this option if you want to relish pizza with your loved ones.

Mamma’s Soccer Special

Mamma’s soccer special deal gives you the opportunity to meet your food temptations by opting for an extra large pizza with any two toppings. It also includes ten chicken wings. And guess what? You get all of these just at $33.95 + tax. 

XL Pizza & 2 Dips Special 

If you opt for Mamma’s ‘XL Pizza & 2 Dips Special,’ you get three toppings and two dips with your pizza at only $27.95 + tax. Remember, the more the toppings, the better the flavors. And this is by far the best pizza toppings combo you can get with a deal like this. So if you want to please your palate with a delectable culinary creation, this is one of the best options available to you at Mamma’s Pizza.

Medium Cheese Pizza Special 

This deal allows you to select any Large, X-Large, Family, or Party Size House Specialty Pizza. You can choose from house-specialty meat pizzas like Butter Chicken Pizza, Combination Pizza, Mamma’s Chicken Alfredo, Mamma’s Spicy Chicken Bruschetta, or a house-specialty vegetarian pizza. House-specialty vegetarian pizzas include options like Mamma’s Margherita, Mamma’s 

European Classic, Mamma’s Mediterranean, Mamma’s Giardino Classic, etc. 

So when choosing your pizza, you get plenty of options, but that’s not the only charm of this deal. What makes it more attractive is you get a Medium Cheese Pizza for an extra $9.95.

Large Pizza Special 

This deal is just for you if you need more traditional toppings and dipping sauces. If you opt for Large Pizza Special, you get a large pizza, three traditional toppings, two cans of pop, and two dipping sauces just at $25.95 + tax. 

Pizza & Wings Combo Special 

Opting for Pizza and Wings Combo Special ensures you get one medium pizza with three toppings, eight chicken wings, 500ML bottle of pop, and one free dipping sauce at just $32.95 + tax. And the unique attraction of this deal is you can go large for only $5 more.

Apart from the above-mentioned options, you can also opt for Calzone & Pop Special, Two Medium Pizzas Special, and Large Pizza Plus Wings Special. And if you are looking for a side dish for pizza, you can explore Mamma’s Pizza’s sandwiches & sides, different kinds of pasta, and salads.

Crafting Quality Experiences: How Mamma’s Pizza Delivers Culinary Excellence


Considering that thousands of options are available to people, what makes them choose Mamma’s Pizza is a question worth addressing. And one attribute that clearly distinguishes us from the rest is our ability to deliver culinary excellence. But how do we do that? Well, here is the answer. 

Customer-first Approach 

Mamma’s Pizza has always considered its customers as a priority. We are always ready to explore new ways and means to make them feel special. No matter what it takes to offer an outstanding culinary experience, we are always prepared to go the extra mile. Creating happy customers has played a considerable role in our progress over the years, and we continue walking on the same path. 

Mindful Selection of Ingredients

We are always mindful of what we pick as our ingredients. Only top-quality and farm-fresh ingredients can elevate the quality of a pizza. So we always use fresh ingredients that we source locally. By choosing each element meticulously, we fulfill the enticing taste preferences of our customers. 

Maintaining Taste Consistency 

Customers love Mamma’s Pizza because we have been beautifully maintaining taste consistency. When a customer finds a food experience memorable, a specific taste gets registered in their minds apart from how they feel while enjoying it. And since they want to experience the same thing again, they like returning to the same place. 

High-quality Service 

Offering quality service is another critical factor that has led to the growth of Mamma’s Pizza over the years. We fulfill the service-centric needs of our customers by being fast and efficient. Whether our customers place online orders, opt for takeouts, or have dining-in plans, we offer them the most effective and memorable service possible. 

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Mamma’s Pizza creates a welcoming and comfortable environment with appealing decor and pleasant seating, enhancing the dining experience.

Since we offer pizzas that are value for money, accommodate numerous dietary requirements, we have a good reputation in the market. The quality, convenience, and experience we offer appeal to a wide range of customers and that’s how we continue to build a loyal customer base.