Mamma’s Richmond Hill Pastas Are the Best Around

Our Richmond Hill pasta have been called everything from mouth watering to a culinary dream come true. It doesn’t matter how you want to describe them. You can rest assured you’ll get the very best quality from the pastas that you order from our Richmond Hill restaurant.

Many people start off with our specialty pizzas. Then they start scouring through the menu and discover the wonderful Richmond Hill pastas that we have to offer too. These are the folks that rave about our traditional spaghetti dishes.

Fresh Daily

And why not? Our Richmond Hill location makes sure that everything is made fresh daily. That includes the toppings as well as the pizza dough. Remember that it doesn’t matter which pasta dish you choose. You can always add those little extras that make it even more delicious. Like two pieces of fresh garlic bread and a side order of your favorite Parmesan cheese.

You can add chicken to any of the dishes that we have on our menu. Many of our Richmond Hill clients like to add rosé sauce or extra tomato sauce. Take a minute to look through our pasta menu and you’re sure to see something for yourself.

Sautéed with Fresh Onions

Like the Fettuccini. Everyone who tries this dish from Richmondville raves about the plum tomato sauce and the fact that it is sautéed with fresh onions. Penne that simmered in a wonderful tomato sauce with hot Italian sausage is another favorite

Something for everyone. That’s a phrase we hear over and over again when people look through our menu for the first time. We’re glad when we hear it because that’s exactly the way we’ve put together  the delicious choices at our Richmond Hill Mammas Pizza.

When we say the pastas at our Richmond Hill location are the best, we really mean it. One of the big reasons is the fact that we use only the freshest ingredients. That’s the way Mamma would have wanted it.

Pasta Menu

Just take a few minutes to look over our pasta menu and you will see what we mean. If you’re looking for something different, why not try our Penne Primavera? This delicious entrée is simmered in a pesto sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and marinated mushrooms. Keep in mind that you can come into our Richmond Hill restaurant to enjoy the atmosphere. Or, you can order each of these entrées online.