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Mammas Supplies Excellent Specialty Pizza In North York Choices

specialty pizza in North York

A variety of specialty pizza in North York options for our customers there is a priority. These menu choices are an excellent addition to any small gathering or bigger event. Because we are always trying new ways to tickle your taste buds, Mammas Pizza has added a few brand-new options to the house specialty meet pizzas section.

  • For example, the butter chicken pizza is brand-new and making a big impression on our customers in North York. It’s not hard to see why when you look at the ingredients. This pizza comes with green peppers and red onions as well as roasted red peppers. Everything is fresh including the butter chicken and the tomato sauce.
  • Mammas barbecue chicken and bacon cheddar melt is another new menu item. Of course this entrée comes with seasoned barbecue chicken as well as barbecue sauce, cheddar and bacon cheese.

No one should feel left out when they are looking at the excellent specialty pizza in North York options. Some of our customers asked for more traditional fare. That’s why we included a Mammas meatball pizza that has Italian plum tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Remember that anything you see on our menu can be ordered online and delivered. That includes some of the other excellent specialty pizza choices like:

  • Mammas Chicken Alfredo pizza. The customers who order this entrée tell us how mouthwatering the chicken breast and mushrooms are together. There’s also a delicious Alfredo sauce they rave about.
  • Mammas Spicy Chicken Bruschetta is good for family nights watching Netflix or an intimate evening with your significant other. Hot Italian peppers and Asiago cheese compliment this meal.

When we tell our customers there’s something for everyone on our menu, we really mean it. Of course that includes the vegetarian and vegan people who order from us.

One of the brand-new pizzas in this category is the Spicy Vegetarian. All the toppings that you get with this delicious menu item are fresh. That includes green peppers and mushrooms as well as hot pepper rings and red onions.

Are you looking for something a little different? Then why not try Mammas potato pizza? It has a generous helping of its namesake roasted potatoes as well as spinach and cheddar cheese. Regardless of what you order, it will always be prepared with fresh ingredients and tender loving care.