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Mammas Yonge At Adelaide Has Meat Pizzas

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We’re always on top of satisfying your hunger at Mamma’s Pizza at Yonge and Adelaide. In fact, we’ve just added something new to our house specialty meat pizzas. Why not take a few minutes to check out our barbecue chicken and bacon cheddar melt?

It has a variety of wonderful ingredients including barbecue sauce and cheese. The cheddar cheese we use and the bacon are just the two ingredients to top your specialty pizza off. Whether you’re looking to enjoy it at our Yonge and Adelaide location or take it home, we have you covered.

Full Dining Experience

Come in and take advantage of our wonderful atmosphere for the full dining experience. Or, simply order from the comfort of your own home with our convenient online ordering tab. Either way, you’re sure to get great food at a reasonable price.

Our specialty pizzas come in a variety of different sizes. The small is perfect for a lunchtime treat. It has six slices which is just enough for maybe you and one co-worker. The medium and large have eight slices and 10 slices respectively.

If you’re looking to order a house specialty meat pizza for that special event, the party size has 24 squares.

Lots of Meat Pizzas to Choose From

We wouldn’t be much of an Italian restaurant if we didn’t have a variety of dishes to choose from. Take a minute to look at the ingredients that go with our combination pizza. You get cheese and pepperoni as well as green peppers and mushrooms.

Everything is fresh including the dough that we make on premises.

It’s important to us to service the multicultural needs of our Toronto clients. That’s why you’ll find a Mammas Thai Pizza with sweet chili sauce and marinated chicken breast on the menu. We do our very best to cater to a wide variety of taste buds.

Hot Pepper Rings Anyone?

Some of the choices on our menu are a little more risqué than others. For example, our Mamma’s Devils Delight Pizza includes hot pepper rings and red onions. It’s a great choice for people who like things a little on the hot side.

Take a minute to go through all the different choices we have. The ingredients are what make these options special. You’ll find everything from Alfredo sauce to hot Italian peppers.

Mamma’s Pizza at Yonge and Adelaide is committed to each and every customer that walks through our doors. That dedication goes for the people who order online too!