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Maybe we’re all not that much different

vegan pizza vancouver

The way things are going in the world today, we can all use a little something to bring us closer together. Pizza seems like a good choice. Recent reports have a third Italian restaurant opening in North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang.

Of course one of the major items on the menu will be pizza. Pizza dough is made right on the premises in an open kitchen. What’s really interesting is  many people in North Korea are restricted from traveling abroad.  However, many of the Western-style establishments over there send their staff out of the country for training.

Of course there are a few things that are different in a pizza joint in that totalitarian country. For example, after you’ve had your pizza, one of the waitresses will serenade you on a karaoke machine.

There are a few other differences too. For example, the reporter who ate in the latest pizza restaurant in North Korea had to send his food back because there was no cheese on the crust at first. One more thing you might want to know before you try to get into this latest restaurant.

North Koreans by and large don’t eat in public. That’s why there are curtains over most restaurant windows.