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Mama’s Blogs

Mississauga Mammas Pizza Scores with Specials

Eglinton Mammas Pizza offers catering too

Our Mississauga Mammas Pizza location is proud of being a community supporter and a wonderful place to bring the team after the big game. One of the things that people are continually telling us they love about our delicious food is the specials we’ve created.

We couldn’t really call ourselves an active member of the community this time of year without having a hockey special. If you check out our website, you’ll see how happy that can make the little players who wear our sweater!

Extra Large Pizza

This special includes an extra large pizza with two toppings and 10 chicken wings. It’s great for coaches, players and parents to have a meeting after the game and enjoy some delicious nutritious food like this at the same time.

Take a look at the different specials that our Mississauga Mammas Pizza offers. You’ll see there’s quite a variety and some wonderful add-ons to tickle everyone’s taste buds. Some of these offer other traditional Italian foods like garlic bread and cans of pop to wash everything down.

We have walk-in specials and pizza dips and Caesar salad choices so that everyone gets exactly what they want.

Mississauga Mamma’s Pizza in The Community

There’s more to Mammas Pizza then just offering you delicious food. We’ve been actively involved in the community for years. It’s our way of giving back to all of the wonderful people who’ve supported us since Mamma came here from Tuscany way back in the 1950s.

If you take a minute to look at our website, you’ll see that we support racing as well as various sports. Because we’ve been part of the community for a number of years, we’re also proud sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Focus on Catering

Once you start looking at all the different things that we can do for our Mississauga clients, you’ll inevitably focus on catering.

Whether you’re having a wedding reception or a small birthday party or office event, we have a variety of delicious choices that come in full and half trays.

Take a look at the different varieties of pasta we have on this menu. Don’t forget that you can add on everything from meat and rosé sauce to chicken and meatballs so your event and dining experience are complete.

Our Mississauga Mammas Pizza location even has delicious vegetarian lasagna ready for you.