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More great pizza statistics

Pizza in Etobicoke

There are so many interesting statistics about pizza, we thought we’d add some more. Here’s a few more numbers on this wonderful food.

  • One of the most important ingredients on pizza is cheese. This is one of the essential ingredients and statistics tell us per capita consumption of this topping has gone up 41% since the middle 1990s.
  • If you think that New York City has the most successful pizzeria, think again. That distinction belongs to a pizza place in Anchorage Alaska, with gross sales of over $6 million USD a year. Those kinds of numbers would even make Chicago pizzerias jealous!
  • People love pizza so much they sometimes go overboard. In fact the largest pizza ever made had almost 10,000 pounds of flour. It also had 4000 pounds of cheese. We can’t imagine how long it would take to eat through something that big!
  • 60% of all the pieces sold have a thin crust. There is one day that’s more popular to eat pizza than any other—Saturday.

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