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More Strange Pizza Toppings

Best rigatoni pasta

One of the best parts of eating pizza is deciding which toppings you will have. Everybody loves the classics like pepperoni and mushrooms but sometimes you just need to think outside of the box. We took a look around the Internet and found some amazing pizza recipes that you should try to spice up your life and add a little variety to the old traditional classics.

Making your pizza little more interesting doesn’t need to be a big deal that costs a lot of money and sometimes it’s only a matter of adding one ingredient. For example, if you’re looking to hit a health quota for a take out or eat in order, putting a fried egg in the middle of the pizza adds a little something for everyone.

People are all into health these days and that’s why a Cobb salad pizza won’t even raise any eyebrows. If you’re getting the impression anything goes and you can pretty much put whatever you want on your favourite slice, then you’re catching on.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional and still outside the box, why not try ham and cheese pizza? Whatever you decide in the end, it’s important to get the freshest ingredients like the ones we use here at Mamma’s Pizza.