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Mama’s Blogs

Near Yonge Street North of Bloor? Eat at Mamma’s Pizza!

Fresh Sandwiches at Mamma's Pizza

There’s lots to do in Toronto. We like to think one of the best things is eating at our 807 Yonge Street location. We have only the freshest ingredients that are prepared by an excellent staff who’s dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

What’s more, we care. Each employee at Mamma’s cares about making sure our valued clients have a wonderful experience with us. That’s why we have a variety of different items on our menu. We are sure there’s something for everyone in your family because that’s the way Mamma would want it.

Popular Features

For example, one of our most popular features is our Friday night special. This is a great way to have an outstanding family night because everyone gets to input. With this special you can build your own family size pizza and get some complementary popcorn and pop. Can you think of a better way to spend a family night in the downtown core?

Our History is About Good Food

If you take a few minutes to go over the food we have on our website, you’ll see the difference that quality makes. Everything we do here at Mamma’s Pizza is a nod to our Italian past. However, that doesn’t mean that we ignore modern innovation either. Far from it. Our online ordering page is user-friendly and fast. It’s a great way to get everything from one of our vegetarian specials to our piping hot order of garlic bread from our catering menu.


One of the things that we pride ourselves at our Yonge Street location is having something for everyone. If you think a slice of steaming hot pizza might be a little too much, why not try one of our salads instead?

We’ve taken the time to put together some excellent choices including a Mamma’s salad.  Kalamata olives are just one of the fresh ingredients you’ll find in this delectable choice.

Eating food that’s good for you is a cornerstone of family life. That’s just what Mamma taught us all those years ago when she came from Italy to Toronto. We have gift cards if you’re interested in giving that special someone something from our delicious menu.

Why not drop in today to our 807 Yonge Street location? The doors are open and we are always happy to see you and your family!