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New Biz Has Robots Cooking Your Pizza…And Delivering It Too

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If you’ve been following along you might not be too surprised to find that robots have taken over many jobs in factories across Canada and the United States. However, a recent article is stating that these mechanical helpers are starting to take over food preparation as well.

It’s no surprise that the people in Silicon Valley have improved on the affection for the homemade freshly baked pizza that New Yorkers love by putting together a delivery truck that has ovens inside to keep the pizzas fresh and warm en route.

For now, the innovative people behind this new concept are also using robots to bake the pizzas at their location. However, one day soon these innovators in California hope to have enough technology in place so the truck that’s driving your slice right to your house can also be making it on the way.

Julia Collins, co-CEO of Zume Pizza, recently wrote an email that the truck her company is using to deliver the pizzas has 56 ovens inside and that means there’s no need for preservatives to be used in the pizza making process, which is incidentally carried out by robots.