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New York City inmates get treated to pizza

Mamma's Pizza mediterranean salad

Published reports are saying that New York City inmates are treated to steaming hot pizza for good behaviour. What makes the story even more interesting is the pizza parties are being held at Rikers Island—one of the most infamous places in the world.

The picture obtained by the New York Post shows over two dozen pizzas being wheeled into the correctional facility. It’s the correctional commissioner’s way of trying to stop violence in the prison but it’s drawing some criticism.

A spokesman for the police union in New York City is asking why beat cops can’t get more time off to enjoy their meals. In fact, there have even been some disgruntled people voicing their displeasure with the fact the pizza is bought with taxpayer’s money.

In typical New York fashion, one union leader made his feelings known in the New York Post with the following quote:

“I’m not a fan of rewarding inmates when they don’t beat the crap out of one another.”

Still, it’s worth pointing out one research study shows that attacks on the prison guards in that infamous place are down 65%. We already knew how magical pizza really was but this is good to hear.