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North York Calzones Made Fresh

North York Calzones

Our North York location on Yonge North of Sheppard has a rich history plus all of the delicious foods you’ll enjoy. These are delicious with just basic tomato sauce and cheese. Or, you add can gourmet toppings for that extra zesty taste.

Here at Mamma’s Pizza, we are all about making sure our valued clientele gets something new and interesting to try on a regular basis. That’s why you will always find something new on our specialty items list.

Healthy and Good to Eat

What’s more, it’s important that everything is healthy and good for each member of your family. That’s why we have a nutritional table that tells you exactly how good our food is — not just to eat but for your health too!

Mamma’s Pizza prides itself on being a traditional spot in North York where you can get some traditional food. However, we also pride ourselves on staying ahead of the latest innovations. That’s why we’d like to suggest that you join her eCLub. That way you’ll be able to get discounts and excellent offers directly to your email.

Wedding Catering in North York

We like to think of ourselves as yours. Our combination of fresh food, fast delivery, and friendly service makes us the choice for your special events in North York’s number-one Toronto pizza place

Some of the best catering choices in the entire GTA can be found here. We take the time and put in the effort to make sure everything from a corporate event to a wedding is made special with our delicious food.

Mamma’s Pizza prides itself on a great variety of appetizers that you want. From garlic bread to chicken wings, we’ve got it all. We also make sure everyone gets exactly the portions they want and just enough of them.

If you take a minute to look at the history of pizza you’ll see it goes back thousands of years to Italy. In fact, while you’re enjoying one of our delicious slices, you’ll be sharing a culture that goes all the way back to Neolithic nomads. There’s even a bit of Greek and every pizza pie order since people from the southern regions of that country developed one of the first prototypes of pizza called focaccia.

During the Stone Age, pizzas were made on open fires. However, we don’t cook our North York calzones outside, but they are fresh.