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Mama’s Blogs

North York Calzones That Can’t Be Beat

calzones at North York location

The North York location is especially proud of the calzones they serve there. All the ingredients are made fresh daily. You can order these online or eat them in our restaurant. Either way, you’ll get a wonderful treat that’ll hit the spot.

These are just one of the menu choices at our North York restaurant that can’t be beaten. Sandwiches are another big seller and a great way to get some good nutrition during a busy day.

Tomato Sauce

Check of the veal cutlet sandwich that comes with tomato sauce. You can get one of these delivered right to the office by ordering online.  These are a great way to take a break during a busy day. Why not come into our North York restaurant and enjoy a chicken cutlet sandwich with tomato sauce?

It’s a great way to get friends and family together to enjoy good times and good food. Looking for something a little more traditional? Then we suggest that you take a look at the Italian sausage sandwich.

Ordering online has never been easier. All you need to do to get started is add your telephone number and click the button. If there’s any problem placing the order, we’ve left a telephone number on our website you can call

North York Vegan Pizzas Too

We have something for everyone at our North York Mamma’s Pizza restaurant. Check out the list of fresh ingredients. These include tomato sauce and Jack cheese as well as bruschetta and black olives. There is a wide variety of choices for you here including the vegan sausage classic. This one comes with spinach and slow roasted tomatoes as well as white onions.

Got a special event coming up that you need catered? Our North York Mamma’s Pizza can look after all the details for you. Salads and garlic bread are just two of the delicious menu choices that we have here. There’s even the possibility of adding chicken to these dishes.


Everyone loves lasagna. It’s the perfect choice for a corporate meeting or a more personal event like a wedding. We offer a meat lasagna tray that’s topped with melted Parmesan cheese.

There is also a vegetarian lasagna option. This one comes with fresh mushrooms and spinach. There’s also zucchini topped with fresh melted cheese.

All the nutritional info that you need to make a good choice is located on our website.