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North York Mamma’s Has New Menu Items

Pizza Restaurant in Richmond Hill

Mamma’s Pizza is always looking to tantalize your taste buds with a variety of new specials. That’s why our North York Mamma’s restaurant has come up with several new house specialty meat pizzas. Our pizzas come in a variety of sizes. You can choose from a small 6-slice all the way up to a party size with 24 squares.

We’re committed to bringing everyone new taste treats they can enjoy, like the following brand-new specials.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza

This is the perfect choice when you bring the family into our North York Mamma’s location. Why not make plans today to enjoy the Tandoori Chicken Pizza that boasts the freshest red onions and green peppers? What makes this menu choice even more special is the delicious tandoori chicken, roasted red peppers, and fresh tomato sauce.

The Tandoori Chicken Pizza is perfect for everyone when you order the 18-inch family size with 12 slices.

Butter Chicken Pizza

Some of our customers love to try any new menu items they find, like our Butter Chicken Pizza. The 10-inch small size and the 12-inch medium provide ample slices for you and a friend. This pizza combines red onions and butter chicken in a butter chicken and tomato sauce that’s sure to delight everyone.

Before we continue listing the new menu items, we’d like to highlight our desserts. These are the perfect ending to any meal. You can enjoy them in our restaurant or order online for convenient delivery. The Chocolate Brownie Mousse is a big favorite with chocolate lovers.

The ingredients are mouthwatering. It combines a chocolate brownie layer with a mound of milk chocolate covered with a chocolate mousse. Please take a few minutes to look through the other scrumptious desserts you’ll find on our website. Remember, you can order gift cards from us in different denominations too.

Mamma’s Aloha Pizza

Some of our new menu items, like this one, have an international flair. Along with generous portions of pineapple and ham, this pizza has cheese, bacon, and Mamma’s fresh tomato sauce. Like all of the other pizzas on our menu, the Aloha Pizza comes in different sizes.

Many customers who dine in at our North York Mamma’s restaurant choose the medium-size, eight-slice pizza option. It arrives with the same fresh ingredients whether you order it online or in person from our friendly staff.