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Our 127 Yonge St Location Has You Covered for Deliveries Too

hot mamaa's pizza delivery

Staying on top of all of our customer requests is one of the things that we love to do. We understand how busy our Yonge St customers are, and that’s why we made the delivery as easy as can be.

With the click of a mouse, you can have one of our steaming hot pizzas delivered right to your business. That makes it quick and easy to get the day’s work done and have a refreshing hot pick-me-up with excellent toppings and fresh dough.

Downtown Toronto life

We know all about the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto life. That’s why we have a variety of excellent specials for you to look at. These can include a variety of excellent accessories like pop and garlic bread.

Making sure our clients are 100% satisfied every time is the priority here at Mamma’s Pizza. Remember, there’s always some wiggle room on our specials because we aim to please. For example, our walk-in variety allows you to upgrade to a large pizza for just two dollars more.

It is more of a Great Thing

We provide you with that flexibility because we are sure you’ll want more of a great thing. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you need one of these specials for either. Mama’s Pizza on Yonge Street has one that suits every appetite and occasion.

For example, special number 11 is perfect for a sporting event when you’ve got the whole gang over. We even decided to include boneless chicken pieces for those people who want to fill up on pizza and come back for more.

We are dedicated to giving you the best food at a reasonable price. What’s more, we also take great pride in being active members of each community we serve. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see the charities to which we donate. It’s our pleasure to give back to the people who have rewarded us with their loyalty over the years.

Traditional Toppings

When you take a look at the specials we have, you’ll see that we also include traditional toppings. It’s worth noting here that these are made fresh every day. Not only do you have an excellent assortment to choose from, but you can rest assured they are good for you.

Our 127 Yonge St Location has you covered for outstanding specials and great deliveries to boot!