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Mama’s Blogs

Our 807 Yonge Street Is Waiting for You

garlic bread with cheese at Mamma's Pizza, ON

One of our most popular locations is north of Bloor right in the heart of Toronto. Of course, there are more than a few excellent reasons why this particular location is so popular and always waiting for you.

We like to think it has everything to do with the comfortable welcoming atmosphere we provide. It’s easy to put together a space like that when you’ve got people working for you that love their jobs and that’s the secret sauce behind Mamma’s Pizza’s success.

Fresh Wonderful Food

Our employees are always telling us they love the feeling of being something bigger than themselves and working for a company that’s dedicated to serving fresh wonderful food.

If you start checking out all the different possibilities on our website, you’ll inevitably wind up at chicken wings. We understand completely because it’s one of our favorite dishes too.

These are always cooked and served fresh and tossed with a variety of your favorite sauces. Chicken wings are a great addition to any gathering or even just a night watching television with that special someone.

Downtown Toronto Customers

We like serving our downtown Toronto customers so much we even decided to put together some gift cards. That way you can spread the goodness of our pizza and other menu selections around to friends, loved ones and even coworkers.

Check out our gift cards today and make sure to give the gift of nutritious tasty food to someone special.

It’s important to us to feel like a member of the community. That’s why we sponsor various charities and even have a nutritional table on our website. It’s important to us that we feel like a member of the community and you let us become a member of your family too.

Sandwiches as a Cornerstone

You can expect the unexpected from Mammas Pizza. Of course, that means in a good way because we have sandwiches as a cornerstone of our menu offerings to go with delicious pizza.

We are even interested in bringing modern technology and our old-world values together. That’s why we have a convenient online ordering portal on our website. It’s a quick easy way to get some of the most delicious food you’ll find anywhere. Remember, it’s always delivered piping hot to your front door so you can enjoy it from the convenience of your own home too.