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Mama’s Blogs

Our Adelaide Location Has Specialty Pizzas

Mamma's Pizza in North York

We have tried to think of everything at our Adelaide Mamma’s Pizza location. That’s why our specialty pizzas are so impressive. Our customers are always raving about the ingredients and choices they have.

There are a variety of sizes for you to sort through. The 10-inch small has six slices. Perfect for a working lunch or an individual snack late at night. You can enjoy these specialty pizzas in house or have them delivered. Either way, they are a delicious treat made with fresh ingredients.

Eight Slices

There is a 12-inch medium size that has eight slices. This one’s perfect for movie night at home with that special someone. There are a variety of different sizes all the way up to the 18-inch family and 21×15 inch party size.

Our Adelaide Mamma’s Pizza location has some new pizzas for you to try. Mamma’s barbecue chicken and bacon cheddar melt is already becoming a big favorite with our customers. To be honest, we are not surprised. Just check out the list of ingredients that includes a seasoned barbecue chicken breast and bacon and cheddar cheese and you’ll see why.

Something for Everyone

Providing something for everyone in your family is what specialty meat pizzas are all about. Everyone in your client will enjoy the combination pizza. There’s a slice for everyone and tomato sauce, mushrooms and green peppers and pepperoni too.

One of the things that makes these specialty pizzas different are the wonderful ingredients included. Sweet chili sauce, ham and pineapple as well as roasted red peppers, oregano and garlic are just a few of the choices you’ll have.


There are also in-house specialty vegetarian pizzas on the menu. We are especially proud of Mamma’s European classic that includes feta cheese, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and Basil Pesto.  Looking for something a little different to try in this category?

We like to suggest Mamma’s eggplant parmigiana. This one has some excellent ingredients like Italian plum tomato sauce and roasted eggplant. If that wasn’t enough to tickle your taste buds this menu selection includes Parmesan cheese and roasted garlic.

Gift Cards

Don’t forget we offer gift cards. These are a great way to highlight a special event or say thank you to someone. Remember they come in denominations from five dollars to $100. These gift cards are good at any different location. You can check your balance right on our website.