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Our Adelaide Restaurant Delivers

Mamma's Pizza Offers and Discounts

One of the things our Adelaide Avenue customers rave about is the choice. Mamma’s Pizza has been in business in that location for years. In fact, we’ve been serving the GTA since 1957. This location will deliver your choices and there’s lots to choose from.

We offer sandwiches, salads, wings and pasta plus a variety of other delicious food. Why not take a few minutes to browse the selections on our menu and then maybe even order online?

Remember, our Adelaide restaurant delivers!

Don’t forget there are lots of delicious and healthy choices. One of these that gets overlooked from time to time are the salads we offer.  The Chef’s Salad has a lot of wonderful ingredients. The tomatoes and leaf lettuce are fresh. The same goes for the kalamata olives and red onions.

Then there’s another real favorite with our Adelaide customers. The Mediterranean Salad has green peppers and feta cheese. There’s also romaine lettuce and fresh red onions.

Excellent Choices

There are several other excellent choices including a Caesar salad and Mamma’s specialty.

Of course, there are lots of other items that draw people into our Adelaide Mamma’s pizza restaurant.

We always encourage people to check out the different specials. Remember, we love to have you come into our restaurant and eat there. Still, we are just as happy to deliver our food to your home or office.

Big Crowd Pleaser

The Hockey Special is a big crowd pleaser during the season. You will get an extra large pizza with any two toppings that you choose. All of our toppings are made fresh and there are even gourmet choices to mull over.  The Hockey Special also includes 10 chicken wings for the crowd when you are watching the big game.

Other Specials

Take a few minutes to look through the other specials we have. Number seven has two medium pizzas and includes four traditional toppings. We like to suggest number four for folks who are looking for a few cans of pop and some pizza dips to go along with their order.

Don’t forget to have a good peek at the chicken wings we have on our menu. These are famous all over the GTA and cooked to order. We want you to have a unique experience and that’s why these get tossed with a sauce of your choosing. Can we suggest that new Dry Rubbed flavors which everyone is raving about?