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Our East York Mamma’s Pizza Serves Pasta Too

fettuccine pasta

When we got started designing a menu for our East York Mamma’s Pizza, we got a little carried away and started adding all kinds of choices. Now you can choose from a huge variety of options that includes vegan and vegetarian pizzas as well an assortment of gourmet and more traditional toppings.

There are sandwiches and chicken wings and we even have a catering service for your wedding or corporate event. In all the excitement of putting together a list of fine food to serve you, we almost forgot to mention an Italian classic but in the end you’ll be happy to know that we have a variety of delicious pastas too.

Traditional Dishes

We’ll start with one of the more traditional dishes that we couldn’t pass over and you won’t be able to either. The spaghetti that we serve comes with two pieces of delicious garlic bread that’s always guaranteed to be fresh. Our East York Mamma’s Pizza sautés the spaghetti we serve with garlic and fresh onions as well as olive oil and parsley.

We wanted to add a little variety to our spaghetti choices. That’s why you can get this delicious item with tomato sauce or meat sauce as well as three meatballs.

Delicious Choices

If you take just a few minutes to look through our website and check off all the delicious other choices, we will bet that your eyes and taste buds stop at Rigatoni. Like a lot of the other pastas that we have on our menu, this one comes with two pieces of garlic bread.

If you scroll down through the other pasta we have up for grabs, your eyes and stomach are certain to stop on our delicious meat lasagna. This is one of our favorites because we get so many good reports about how the layered ground beef melts into the Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

Changing Times

It’s important for us to keep up with the changing times as well. That’s why you can order anything from our pasta menu online and have it delivered. That includes our vegetarian lasagna that has layers of mushrooms and spinach as well as zucchini and two different types of cheese.

If you want to add to any of these delicious meals, there are several options from our East York Mamma’s Pizza. These include melted cheese and chicken as well as a rose sauce or extra meat or tomato sauce.