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Our Pizza Delivery in Richmond Hill Includes These Delicious Items

vegan cheese pizza

Our pizza delivery in Richmond Hill team is always busy delivering delicious food items. Everything that you order from us arrives piping hot and fresh. Don’t forget we make fresh pizza dough every day right on the premises.

Why not take a few minutes to choose one of our menu items and have it delivered today? Here are just a few of the most popular choices you have.

  • We have a great selection of vegan pizzas. Regardless of the one that you choose for delivery, you’ll get fresh ingredients like vegan pepper jack cheese, roasted potatoes and roasted red peppers as well as broccoli and eggplant.
  • Many of our clients who opt for pizza delivery in Richmond Hill also like to build their own pizzas. These come with free toppings like plum tomato and extra tomato sauce as well as oregano and fresh garlic. You can add gourmet toppings like roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini as well as broccoli and bruschetta. Don’t forget we have a variety of cheeses to choose from like feta and cheddar.
  • You can also order a wonderful sandwich for delivery. The Meatball and Italian Sausage sandwiches are two of the most popular choices. Remember you can add onions and hot sweet peppers to your sandwich as well as extra cheese and sautéed mushrooms.

Don’t forget that we offer pizza specials for delivery too. The pasta special is a big favorite with our clients in Richmond Hill. It’s no wonder when you consider this comes with a choice of spaghetti Fettuccine or penne and/or rigatoni. Add in a can of pop and meatballs for only $3.95.

Hockey Special

The hockey special is another big favorite with our delivery crowd. It comes with 116 inch extra-large pizza and any two toppings of your choice plus 10 chicken wings.

Large Pizza

Before you make any decisions, don’t forget to check out special number 12. It’s great for a night at home with friends and includes one large pizza plus 3 of our traditional fresh toppings.


You also get two cans of pop into dipping sauces of your choice all for $22.95 plus tax. Due to the pandemic, we are offering contactless pizza delivery in Richmond Hill services. Our customers can pay by credit card so there’s no contact between them and the driver.