Our Queens Quay W Mamma’s Delivers Fresh Sandwiches

There is a great story behind our Queens Quay W (Harbourfront) location. The Mamma’s Pizza chain was founded way back in 1957 by Lidia Danesi. Growing up in a small mountaintop village in Italy, Lidia brought family recipes with her when she came to Canada.

The kind of loving care and attention to detail she cooked with has been passed down through generations. Modern day Mamma’s Pizza restaurants like the Harbourfront location at Queens Quay W serve a variety of delicious Italian dishes. In addition to traditional pastas and pizzas, our menu also features appetizing sandwiches.

Don’t Forget to Add These Tasty Ingredients to Your Sandwich

Enjoy any of these mouthwatering items when you dine-in at one of our convenient locations or have them delivered. Either way, don’t forget to add some extras to your sandwich like onions or sautéed mushrooms. Hot and sweet peppers and extra cheese are also available.

Our Meatball Sandwich is a particular favourite with Mamma’s Queens Quay W crowd. It comes with fresh tomato sauce and can be delivered piping hot to your home or office.

There are other sandwich options to satisfy your appetite including an Italian Sausage or Veal Cutlet Sandwich.

Mamma’s Pizza Specials

While you are trying to decide, why not take a few minutes and look through the different specials we offer? The Soccer Special can be ordered online just by clicking on the convenient tab. It’s an extra-large pizza with any two toppings of your choice and ten chicken wings.

Our pizza specials offer something for everyone. Keep it simple when you order special number three. It includes our party size pepperoni pizza served with four cans of pop. It’s the perfect choice when you have the gang over to watch the game.

Mamma’s Gift Cards for Any Occasion

Special number seven is one of our most popular pizza specials. This selection comes with two medium pizzas with four different toppings combined. It’s a great deal and you can upsize to a large pizza for only five dollars more.

Our Harbourfront restaurant at Queens Quay W also offers gift cards. This is a perfect gift for any occasion. These come in several different denominations and can be used at any one of our many Mamma’s Pizza locations.

We make it easy to check out the balance on your existing gift card through the tab on our website