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Our Richmond Hill Mammas Caters

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By now, everyone who comes into our Richmond Hill Mammas Pizza knows how good the food is. If you go from table to table on any given evening, you’ll hear our customers talking about how delicious the fresh ingredients and menu choices are.

Young and old alike rave about some of the other items we have like the delicious desserts and appetizers. We’ve made it our mission to keep the old world values that mamma brought from the old country. That’s why everyone who comes into our restaurant is made to feel like a member of the family.

Delicious Food Choices

We are dedicated to making sure everyone who comes into our Richmond Hill Mammas gets exactly what they want. Sometimes, that means we need to take our delicious food choices on the road to your special event. That’s why we also offer a catering service from our Richmond Hill location.

Whether you’re planning on having a large family event or a business type meeting, we can help with a variety of delicious food choices. Remember the high standards that you come to expect from our food still apply. Everything is made fresh with the freshest ingredients. We even have a nutritional table on our website so you can see the difference that our healthy food choices make.

Richmond Hill Catering Choices

Here’s an interesting scenario for you to consider. You’re planning on having a family birthday party and bringing in a lot of the out-of-town relatives. What better way to make the whole evening memorable that with our chicken wing tray?

This is the perfect choice and you can have these delicious chicken wings in a variety of flavors that include barbecue and honey garlic. We want you to have a number of choices for everything that you select from our catering service.

That’s why our chicken wing tray option comes in a half serving with 45 pieces that serves 7 to 8. If the birthday party is especially big you can order the full tray that has 90 pieces that generally serves about 14 to 16 relatives.

If you take just a few minutes to scroll through our website, you’ll see that we have a variety of entrées including penne and fettuccini that’s actually sautéed in ham.

Of course, we’ve included some of the old standbys like meat lasagna. For those of you who have different tastes, we’ve kept up with the times by offering a vegetarian lasagna tray that includes mushrooms and spinach.